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Terms and conditions

1. Application of the terms

1.1. Following terms are applied to the transactions on this site between H. Vesala Oy (later Vesala) and its customers (later Customer). In its operation Vesala is required to adhere to good trading practices in e-business, mail order business and Finnish laws regulating consumer business.

1.2. Web shop is mainly intended for business-to-business trade. We do not serve Customers who are under the age of 18.

2. Registration

2.1. Browsing products on the web site does not require registration but price information is available only for registered Customers. Registration requires giving a user name and functional email address and choosing Customer’s home country. Once a country is chosen it can’t be later changed.

2.2. When Customer wants to place an order he/she must give contact person and company name, delivery and billing addresses and VAT number. These information is given during the first order and they are added to the registration information for next orders.

2.3. Customer information contents are confidential and will not be given to a third party without a defined permission from the Customer. See paragraph 12 for more information.

3. Validity of the order

3.1. Order is binding to the Customer when the payment has been fulfilled. Communication between Vesala and the Customer will be done preferably with email.

3.2. Customer has the right to cancel the whole order or parts of it before the order has been shipped. Cancellation must be done with email. Shipping is considered to have taken place when part of the order or information about the shipping of the order has been delivered to the Customer.

3.3. Along every order Customer agrees with the ordering and delivery terms stated on this website. After Customer has placed the order, Vesala has no right to change the shipping policy or the terms without separate agreement with the Customer.

4. Pricing

4.1. Pricing information is available for registered Customers only. Additionally there may also be product-based or country-based restrictions to pricing information availability.

4.2. Applicable price can be seen along the corresponding product. Price may change according to the chosen product setup or accessories. Prices are given in EURO without VAT.

4.3. If there is an error in pricing information or Customer has given misleading information concerning his/her customer-ship, Vesala has the right to cancel the order and refund already paid sum to the Customer without liability to further compensation.

4.4. The Finnish 24% VAT will be automatically added to the total sum in the shopping cart. However, VAT will not be added if:

  • Customer is located in the European Union (outside of mainland Finland) and provides a VAT number that can be verified to be correct.
  • Customer is located outside the European Union or outside the EU’s VAT area, such as Åland islands.

4.5. Vesala does not afterwards refund or compensate unnecessarily paid VAT due to e.g. wrong VAT number given by the Customer.

4.6. Vesala reserves the right to change the pricing at any time and use other prices in commerce outside the web site.

5. Payment terms

5.1. Debit and Credit payment

Especially in Finland easiest payment method is to use Debit or Credit payment via Customer’s own bank online services. Payment transfers are handled by, which is a major payment transfer service provider.

5.2. Paypal

One possibility for payments is Paypal which is a popular international payment service. Using it requires Customer to have an active Paypal account.

5.3. Advance payment

For advance payment Vesala will send a proforma invoice to the Customer by email after receiving the order. Invoice includes necessary payment details for a bank transfer.  Transfer may take  2-3 days and goods will be delivered in 1-2 working days after the payment has been registered to the Vesala bank account. If the invoice has not been paid within 14 days, order will be cancelled.

5.4. Payment against invoice

Payment against invoice is not possible in the web shop. Afterwards invoicing requires existing business relationship and agreement of terms between Customer and Vesala.  Related correspondence will be handled outside the web shop via other channels.

5.5. Cash on delivery by post

Cash on delivery (COD) service is currently not possible in the web shop. Advance payment or Paypal is suggested instead.

5.6. Erroneous payment

If Customer’s payment and the total sum of the order do not match, delivery will be postponed until balance is achieved. In case of overpayment, Vesala will refund the excessive sum in agreement with the Customer.  This does not apply to unnecessarily paid VAT.

6. Order and delivery confirmation

6.1. When an order has been received, an automatic order confirmation is sent via email. If Vesala notices during processing the order that normal delivery time can’t be fulfilled, a note of the delay will be sent via email.

6.2. Delivery confirmation will be sent as soon as the order has been shipped. It will include parcel’s tracking number, if  available.

7. Shipping methods

7.1. Shipping to Finland:

  • Finnish postal service (Posti) or a Vesala preferred transport company.
  • Pick up from the premises of Vesala (Addr: H. Vesala Oy, Peräsimentie 1, FI-03100 Nummela, Finland) is for domestic customers and must always be agreed beforehand.

Post parcel or parcel sent using a transport company in Finland will be delivered to the address chosen by the Customer or to a local pick-up point.

7.2. Shipping to other countries:

  • Finnish postal service (Posti) or a Vesala preferred transport company.

For Vesala products we suggest to use Harmonised Commodity code 90304000 for customs declaration.

8. Shipping and handling costs

8.1. Shipping costs for goods to be sent will be added to the total sum according to the total weight of the products and destination address. Regardless of the weight of the parcel additional EUR 9 (VAT not included) handling fee will be added to the total sum. All costs can be seen in the shopping cart before Customer places the order.

8.2. If the goods will be picked up from Vesala premises, no shipping and handling costs will be added unless Customer requests special packing.

9. Delivery time

9.1. Products readily available in stock are delivered to Finland typically in 1-2 working days.

9.2. Product availability can be seen on each product page. “Out of stock” means that the product is temporarily run out. Usually it takes a few weeks to get more products in stock. An estimated delivery time will be given in the email order confirmation. Products in Discontinued Products category are no longer available.

9.3. If an order includes products that have different stock status, delivery will take place according to the one that has the longest delivery time.

9.4. Force Majeure

Vesala shall not be responsible for if a delivery is prohibited or delayed due to a reason to which Vesala does not have influence, such as war, natural catastrophe, embargo, authority instruction, disruption of public transportations or telecommunication, strike or other reason of that kind that impedes or disables Vesala’s operation.

10. Shipping damages and other reclamations

10.1. When receiving a shipping, Customer shall inspect that the parcel and the products are undamaged. In case of product damage, Customer must without delay make a reclamation to the post office or transport company in question and to Vesala.

10.2. If  Customer has received a wrong or damaged product or there is some other error in the delivery, Customer shall make reclamation to Vesala without delay by email to address sales(at) If there is an error or shortage in a delivery, Vesala will primarily correct the error. Corrective measures or returning of the delivery shall always be agreed case by case between the Customer and Vesala.

11. Returns

11.1. Companies must always agree a returning beforehand with Vesala. Customer shall bear all returning costs himself and “Customer return” marking may not be used. If a return is judged appropriate by Vesala, we will refund no more than 70% of the purchase value of the goods, even if they are unused.

11.2. (Applicable in EU only) A private person has the right to return unused products within fourteen (14) days from receiving them (receiving day excluded). Returned product and its packing shall be essentially in the same condition as it was when received. Packing must be intact and there may not be any signs of usage on the product. Address stickers etc. may not be attached to the sales packing or the product.

Also a private person must always agree a returning beforehand with Vesala. If a return is considered appropriate by Vesala and goods are unused, the paid sum will be refunded to the Customer. If the goods have been used or their value has been reduced, Customer is responsible for the value reduction.

11.3. Request for return shall be sent via email to sales(at) before returning products. Products shall be returned by using the postal services and carefully packed.  Marking “Customer return” may not be used. Return address is H. Vesala Oy, Peräsimentie 1, FI-03100 Nummela, Finland.

12. Privacy policy

12.1. Customer register is maintained to keep record of customers and their addresses, order history and other data and enable customer identification. Customer data can be used to develop Vesala’s performance and for statistical & promotional purposes.

12.2. Customer register is confidential and accessible only to Vesala personnel having necessary permissions. Customer data is stored in Finland and it is not forwarded outside EU or EEA or to third parties without Customer consent. Registered Customer’s data can be removed by the Customer’s written request to Vesala.

12.3. Vesala does not handle or store Customer payment data such as credit card numbers. Those are dealt and stored by the payment transfer service provider which Vesala has an agreement with.