Compact Transmitter CTT33

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Compact Transmitter CTT33

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CTT33 is Vesala’s general purpose cable tracer transmitter. It is at its best when used with the Vesala CL43 compact locator but it can be used with other brand 33kHz locators as well. CTT33 is small in size so it will fit in places where other bigger transmitters would be to too clumsy, such as small cabinets, and during indoor use. CTT33 is powerful: In Boost mode its output power
corresponds to many big outdoor use focused transmitters.

CTT33 can be connected to telecom cables and even directly to 230V live mains wires. With clamp-on transformer e.g. underground cables are equally reachable. Unlike most 33kHz transmitters, CTT33’s output signal can be switched to 4Hz or 8Hz pulsed mode. Pulsed signal is often easier to distinguish from noise. Furthermore pulsed modes enable using the two transmitter method to pinpoint wire cuts in cables.

CTT33 can be used for example to:

  • Tracing mains cables and wires indoors and outdoors
  • Identifying circuit breakers and fuses in electrical cabinets
  • Tracing telecom cables and identifying wire pairs
  • Tracing floor heating cables

There are several accessories available for CTT33 and CL43 to make the setup a full featured cable tracing equipment: For CTT33 there is a selection of feeding cords and clamp-on transformers and for CL43 several probes are available. As CL43 is compatible with all Vesala’s duct sondes it is also an excellent starting point to duct tracing.

  • Compact Transmitter CTT33
  • Connecting cord TB10p and TB10m (safety bananas 1 m)
  • Adapter safety crocodile XKKp and XKKm (banana)
  • Carrying case KLCT33
  • User manual
  • Batteries

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