Optical Power Meter, Bidirectional FHM2B01

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Optical Power Meter, Bidirectional FHM2B01

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The FHM series optical loss test set combines a power meter and a dual-wavelength laser source for optical fiber network installation and maintenance. Typically FHM2B01 is used for testing two fibers connected in a loop or for testing fibers in both directions (back and forth).

FHM2B01 supports six wavelengths: 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm and 1625nm. FHM2B01 measuring range is -50 … +26dBm (at 1550nm), so it is suitable also for cable-TV environment. Related product version FHM2A01 is similar equipment but with -70 … +10dBm range. Laser source supports 1310nm and 1550nm wave lengths on fixed -5dBm level.

FHM2B01 has a clear backlit LCD with linear and logarithmic optical power display. Up to 999 test results can be stored to the internal memory and later uploaded to a PC via USB interface.

  • FHM2B01 power meter & laser source
  • SC/PC connectors (2pcs)
  • Spare ferrules
  • USB cable
  • NiMH batteries
  • 230Vac/6Vdc power adapter
  • Application software CD
  • User manual
  • Carrying bag

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