Fiber Cleaver Inno Instrument V11

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Fiber Cleaver Inno Instrument V11

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Fiber Cleaver Inno Instrument V11 – Easy to use, simple up-and-down movement (Not Manufactured anymore)

Fiber cleaver Inno Instrument V11 is a preceise fiber cleaver for cleaving traditional 125 um fiber (both singe fiber and ribbon fiber applications). V11 includes a scrap collector mechanism and a container for collecting fiber cut-offs safely. Cleaver rotates its blade after each cleave and you can cleave approx. 48 000 fibers with a single blade. Blade can be changed by the operator. Cleaver has an internal counter to keep count of cleaves performed.

Fiber cleaver Inno Instrument V11 operation is 2-staged. First you open the lid and insert fiber. Then, you simply press down the lid which will launch the cleaver blade rig to make the cleave. Finally, open up the lid all the way up, which will activate re-initialize the cleaver for next cleave.

Fiber scrap safely into the scrap collector

Unit has an automated scrap collector that operates simulateously with the cleaving process. This mechanism will collect the potentially dangerous scrap pieces and secure them into the scrap contained, positioned in the side of the unit. Please note: user should empty this container after each usage, into a separate container with lockable lid. Fiber cut-off pieces can cause a long term hazard if not handled properly. Please make sure the user is aware of the correct, safe procedure prior to use.

Please ask our professionals for advice on how to handle the fiber properly before the first use.

Protective grease inside cables causing trouble

The protective grease that is being used commonly in direct buried cables, is the cause of most maintenance visits for fiber cleaving and splicing tools.This grease should be removed with a proper solvent; not only using IPA (isopropyl alcohol), which in turn is suitable for cleaning the fibers for splicing after cleaving.

This protective grease forms a small layer on top of the coating and will be transferred on the v-grooves of both cleaver and splicer. Eventually, this layer of coating will accumulate and will lower tha accuracy of the splicer alignment procedure. Removing this grease layer with a proper solvent, has a great impact on maintenance frequency of splicers an cleavers.

For grease removal, we recommend using:

Fiber Cleaver model for all Inno Instrument splicers

This model of cleaver an optional part for any splicer, here are our newest models from Inno Instrument:

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Warranty related issues and maintenance available in our office in Nummela, Finland.

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