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Q: Why can’t I see prices for all products?
A: Vesala has representatives in some countries and they take care of locally promoting, selling and supporting customers of some Vesala brand products. Therefore these products can’t be bought from the web shop. Accordingly, Vesala usually can’t sell imported products abroad if there is a local representative for them.

Q: What does Vesala Trading mean?
A: Vesala Trading brand covers the affordable and hi-quality test equipment, accessories and tools imported by H. Vesala Ltd especially for fiber working. Trading brand simply distinguishes these products from original Vesala products, which are mostly our own make and design.

Q: Is it possible to upgrade the software of my Vesala device?
A: In many cases yes, but not through Internet. Especially if your device does not work correctly, please contact us and check whether there is an upgrade available.

Q: Where can I buy Vesala products and find their pricing info?
A: You can order products in the web shop or by contacting us directly. We have also representatives in many countries, please see the Contact info page to get the nearest supplier’s address. To other countries as well as to Finland we sell both directly and through wholesale dealers.

Q: How are Vesala products delivered?
A: Usually products are delivered by the Finnish postal service or with a transport company. Local representatives may have their own preferences. We don’t support shopping by cash.

Q: Do Vesala products have a specific code for customs declaration?
A: For Vesala products we suggest to use Harmonised Commodity code 90304000 for customs declaration.

Q: Where can I find information about how to use Vesala products?
A: From the user manuals or by contacting us through the feedback page, with email or telephone. Whether you are considering to purchase a new device, or need tips and tricks how to use your device, we are prepared to assist you to get the best from our products. Especially with cable/wire tracers correct working methods are essential, therefore we urge to carefully read the user’s manual. However, no manual can replace field proven experience; therefore don’t hesitate to contact us if you want more information to a pending problem.

Q: Where can I find technical data and/or user’s manuals for Vesala products?
A: Each product has its own web page that tells the most important properties from a user’s point of view. Detailed technical info can be found in the corresponding downloadable FDF brochure. In case you need closer information, contact us through the feedback page or with email. If you have lost a user’s manual, we can quickly provide you a PDF copy with email. Schematic diagrams or other confidential material we do not provide.

Q: My device was exposed to mains voltage. Is it worth repairing any more?
A: Mostly yes. It is seldom that a device send to our service is so badly broken that it’s not practical to repair it any more. Please see the service section for more information and how you can assist our service to repair your device.

Q: Does Vesala accept devices back for disposal?
A: All Vesala products belong to so-called business-to-business category. In the European Union, please contact your dealer or local authorities for more information about proper collection and recycling of business-to-business electronic equipment waste. Outside the EU, please follow local regulations about recycling. Please see the Service / WEEE-page for more information.

Q: I have a product idea or idea to improve an existing product. Is Vesala interested to hear it?
A: Yes, we are. Many of our products have been launched dating back to wishes or ideas we have received from our customers. If we estimate that an idea is technically and economically reasonable, we may well consider designing it to be a new product. Close co-operation with customers is one of the corner stones of our operation enabling us design products that users really need.

Q: Does Vesala design custom products?
A: Sometimes we do. Same facts as above apply to these things too; if the idea is reasonable, it may well be also customized.

Q: Does Vesala have a quality system?
A: We have a quality management system that follows the principles of ISO9001 and which is constantly being developed according to progressing needs. As for environmental issues, we tend to improve e.g. recycling and minimizing waste.

Q: Vesala or H.Vesala Oy or H.Vesala Ltd? What is the correct company name?
A: The official registered company name is “H. Vesala Oy”, but some databases tend to write it “Vesala H. Oy”. Since “Oy” stands for “Ltd.”, we often use “H. Vesala Ltd.” to make things easier to understand. On our products there is usually only “Vesala”, which is our registered trademark.