ILF G2 Pro Vaihe- ja syöttöjännitteen tunnistin

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ILF G2 Pro Vaihe- ja syöttöjännitteen tunnistin


ILF G2 Pro Vaihe- ja syöttöjännitteen tunnistin

ILF G2 Pro is a LV network topology global solution

  • LV Live Network topology identifier (without de-energizing)
  • Three-phases and up to 12 feeders can be identified in few seconds
  • Designed for big mapping campaigns
  • Up to 399 Transformer Substation simultaneously
  • Bigger display, better appearance and an updated electronics
  • Proven efficiency on line distances > 1 km
  • Can be used by one only operator

Suitable for any LV network configurations:

  • Star (with or without neutral) / Delta
  • Coupled and/or Ringed Networks
  • Cascade arrangement

ILF G2 Pro available for cascade arrangement of distribution networks (with several feeder pillars up to 4 electrical levels)

Multiple crews for each Central Device (Transformer)

Line Device (LD) with integrated Bluetooth

GridGIS Connect app for data collection, storage and transfer to GIS.

Additional functionalities:

  • ILF G2 Pro suitable for Neutral identification

Can be converted in Cable Identifier

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ILF-G2 Datasheet


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