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Service, warranty and electronics waste

Own service – better service

Skilled, reliable and swift service is one of the corner stones of our operation, therefore we have always had own service for our products. Abroad there are also local service providers to extend flexibility.

Our service department is located at the same facilities as our R&D, production and sales departments. Hence all different operations support each other to provide best possible support both to our products and to customers. By using original spares and testing methods, we make sure that a product leaving our service works as well as when it left our factory first time.

Is it worth asking service?

We are often asked is it worth sending a rather old device for repairing, or if a device has been exposed e.g. to mains voltage with bad consequences. Almost always the answer is ‘yes’. We store spares so that even devices more than 10 years of age can often be repaired. As a rule of thumb, if a device has not been run over by a steamroller, it’s at least worth checking what can be done!

Software upgrades

Many devices have a software, which can be upgraded, but not through the internet.

Electronics waste and WEEE directive

According to the EU’s WEEE directive end-of-life electronic equipment should be properly collected and recycled.
See more info in the WEEE directive and end-of-life products page.

What can you do to help our service?

Our service has been acknowledged of its speed and affordability. However, there are some measures you can take beforehand to save service time and costs:

  • Always attach to the device a description about the fault and how it emerged. All hints are useful, especially if the fault is not permanent or requires certain conditions to appear. Was it a misuse like exposure to mains voltage that caused the fault? Missing accessories are easy to replace during service, so please mention those in the covering note.
  • If possible, send the whole set of devices to service. E.g. with cable tracers it may be difficult to make sure whether the fault is in the transmitter, receiver or in a cable. This way we can also check all parts of the set and sometimes correct faults that the user has not even noticed. Also updates are best done if the whole set is available.
  • If you suspect that it may be best to dispose the device of, please mention it or put a price limit for the service. Of course we always estimate if service is worth while, but sometimes a customer may want his trusted device back, though it may cost a bit more.
  • Enclose detailed return address, billing address and contact person’s email and/or telephone number to the covering note. Usually best way for transportation to either direction is postal package or an established transport company.
  • If the service is urgent, please make a note of it; we try to take these wishes into consideration too. Usually a device stays here only a few days; sometimes it may leave the same day it arrived. July is a common holiday period, meaning that service may take a bit longer.
  • Other manufacturer’s devices we do not service.

Warranty issues

Our products have a one-year warranty against factory defects. The warranty shall not cover batteries or faults resulting from normal wear and tear or misuse.

Best precaution to avoid faults is to follow user manual instructions and normal carefulness. Typically our products do not have any parts that require maintenance by the user, excluding the changing of batteries. A soiled device can be cleaned using a damp cloth and dried carefully after.

We recommend that equipment are stored e.g. in their own carrier bag under dry conditions and at room temperature. If a device becomes immersed in water, the batteries must be immediately removed and the lid of the battery compartment left open in order to allow for the device to dry. The device is left to dry at room temperature.

H.Vesala Oy (Ltd.) shall not accept liability of any financial losses or damages, nor for any damage incurred by people, the environment, telecommunications traffic or similar as a result of the use of or the failure to use a Vesala device.