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Test Telephone AP32

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AP32 is a multi-purpose test telephone for telecom technicians. It has been designed in co-operation with users to meet their practical daily work requirements. By using the AP32, the user does not need to carry a number of individual devices. AP32 is compact and inexpensive.

AP32 new features

  • Improved DSLAM test: Indicates both ADSL and VDSL DSLAMs present on line
  • Monitoring for the SIA®, Ademco Contact ID® and pulse messaging formats, which are widely used in security equipment

AP32 main features

  • Interference-free communication identifier for detecting traffic, voltage and frequency of unknown pairs
  • Analogue test telephone with many extra features
  • Field phone for communication using free pairs
  • Test functions: ADSL/DSL indication, high frequency listening, signal generator and pair tester with indication of short circuited pairs
  • Up-gradable software allows menu language and basic settings to be customized

AP32 other features

  • Very easy to use – no menu browsing needed for basic work
  • Detachable RJ45 connection cord
  • Improved protection against over-voltages in all operating modes
  • Integrated ADSL/DSL filter
  • Clear backlit LCD display with highly informative symbols
  • Connection for headset to allow hands-free use when working in noisy places
  • Reliable silicon treated keypad with tones
  • Easy swapping between pair 1 and pair 2 of the RJ11 phone jacks without separate adapters
  • Standard 9V battery with low battery consumption and automatic switch-off
  • Efficient service and user support

Operating mode features

Communication Identifier (CI-mode)

  • DC voltage display up to ±240V with polarity and AC indicator
  • Frequency display up to 6.5MHz (two sensitivity levels)
  • High impedance, interference-free input
  • High sensitivity audio listening of pair with adjustable volume
  • SIA®, Ademco Contact ID® and pulse messaging formats monitoring

Analogue Phone (A-mode)

  • Caller ID display (supports both DTMF and FSK)
  • Receiver volume adjust and microphone mute
  • Phonebook for easy accessible names and numbers
  • DMTF and pulse dialling (supports different national standards)
  • Last called numbers redial and register recall (Flash)
  • Line voltage, polarity and line current display
  • Integrated splitter (low-pass filter) for DSL-lines
  • Automatic wake-up for incoming call

Field Phone (LB-mode)

  • Operates with pairs not in use (without DC feeding)
  • Receiver adjustable volume and microphone mute
  • Calling feature included (alarm another party on line)
  • Can be used together with other Vesala® field phones (KP9 and KX15)
  • DMTF signal generator (for driving various DTMF controlled devices)

Test Functions (T-mode)

  • ADSL/VDSL pair identifier: tests if there is either an ADSL or VDSL DSLAM present on line, or if there is an active customer DSL modem
  • DC feeding towards line (for special purposes and accessories)
  • Signal generator: Adjustable frequency and level and output current measuring for special purposes like pair identification etc.

This Vesala product is made in Finland.

Basic Set-up
AP32 Telephone (incl. battery)
AP15B Connecting cord (1.5m, RJ45 / 4mm banana plugs)
User’s manual
Weight 0.303 kg

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