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Cable Tracer WT20

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WT20 is a small-sized cable tracing equipment with versatile features that suit telecom technicians, janitorial service personnel and renovation & water damage service providers. With WT20 it is easy to detect mains and telecom cables, under floor heating cables, cable tubes and with accessories even sewer blockages.

WT20 features

WTT20 transmitter can be connected galvanically to the object (i.e. pair, cable, plumbing etc.) or inductively with a so-called clamp-on transformer. Tracing non-conductive pipes requires a pipe transmitter antenna or a special pipe transmitter.

The high impedance listening and voltage detector feature of the WTT20 transmitter enables listening of a pair, thus eliminating risks of unwanted interference to pair. With the impedance indicator feature of the transmitter it is also possible to estimate length of a target cable and enhance pair tracing work.

WTR20 receiver has also 50Hz mode for tracing active mains objects like building feeding cables.

Examples how to use WT20

  • One of the most typical usages of WT20 is tracing and defining the route of telecom or mains cables under ground or inside walls or floors like in the image below.

  • During installation or renovation work, pairs from apartments are easy to find e.g. at house MDF with the capacitive probe without having to touch the wires.
  • Tracing cable ducts or sewer blockages is based on inductive method but now the signal is generated with a special pipe transmitter sonde, which is pushed into the blocked duct or pipe as in the image below.

  • For tracing cable piping and blockages inductively inside buildings a pipe transmitter antenna is used.
  • It is possible to approximate the length of a cable with the impedance detecting property of the transmitter. This is useful e.g. for estimating the distance of a short circuit in a cable.
  • High impedance listening and DC voltage indicator helps to define pair type and choose correct working methods.
  • Tracing mains cables and wiring can be done without the transmitter using the 50Hz mode of the receiver.

This Vesala product is made in Finland.

Basic Set-up
WTT20 Transmitter, with high impedance listening mode and impedance indicator (incl. batteries)
PJ15p Transmitter sending cord, 1.5m, RCA / 2x4mm banana plugs & crocodile clips
WTR20 Receiver, for tracing signals generated by the transmitter
KA4 Capacitive probe, for pair identifying
LA1 Inductive probe, for tracing the route of cables and wires at close range
SA1 Inductive rod probe, for tracing the route of cables and wires under ground etc.
AK1 Probe cord, 1.2m BNC / BCN, for attaching probes to the receiver
KPP3 For the WT20 setup and accessories
User’s manual
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