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Red Laser Source MFL12 (12 outputs, remote control)

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MFL12 is a totally new multi-fiber visible light source innovation, which sets a new standard how fiber working should be done. With MFL12 one technician can identify 12 fibers at the same time; no need to have a partner or to drive from one location to another again and again.

MFL12 has 12 powerful red laser sources which can be remote controlled with a mobile phone: User can turn lasers on and off as needed, adjust optical power, use coded light if needed and finally turn the device off when work is over.

MFL12 is especially useful at fiber splicing work: Device is connected to the fibers at one location, then at the other location all fibers are identified one by one and spliced. MFL12 has two output powers, 15mW for up to 16km range and 5mW for short distances.

The carrying case is designed so that user does not need to remove MFL12 device from the case when it is taken into use. When the work is done, user doesn’t have to disconnect patch cords from MFL12, instead they can be looped in their own slot in the case waiting for next use.

MFL12 standard setup

  • MFL12 main unit
  • 12 pcs. FC/SC patch cords, length 2m
  • 12V mains adapter
  • Carrying case
  • User manual

This Vesala product is made in Finland.

Weight 4.5 kg