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Compact Locator CL43

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CL43 Compact Locator is an affordable and easy-to-use wire and cable and duct sonde locator. Outdoors CL43 can be used to trace and pinpoint underground cables from several metres depth. Indoors CL43 can be used to locate for example floor heating cables and wires inside walls.

CL43 kit does not include a transmitter but it is compatible with all Vesala 10kHz transmitters and sondes, as well as Vesala’s 512Hz sonde for cast iron ducts. Furthermore CL43 supports the 33kHz frequency used with some other manufacturers locators and duct sondes.

CL43 has a simple user interface with only two buttons, 13 LED lights and a speaker. Probes are easy to disconnect making it easy to carry the receiver and a probe even in a pocket.

We will build a setup according to your preference including probes and duct sondes, all packed in a handy case.

This Vesala product is made in Finland.

Weight 0.9 kg
Receiver probe

SA05 (512Hz), SA43 (10kHz & 33kHz)

Duct sonde

MPL6-10 (6.4mm/10kHz/1.2m), MPL6-33 (6.4mm/33kHz/2.3m), MPL7-10 (7.5mm/10kHz/3.3m), MPL7-33 (7.5mm/33kHz/5.1m), MPL9-10 (9.0mm/10kHz/3.5m), MPL9-33 (9.0mm/33kHz/5.7m), None, PL18-05 (18mm/512Hz/5.3m), PL18-10 (18mm/10kHz/5.0m), PL18-33 (18mm/33kHz/10m)

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