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DSL Filter AES-H (low pass)

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Separating ADSL and POTS

AES-H filter is designed to separate ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) from POTS (telephone) when they are transmitted on a same wire pair and terminated by means of Krone/Siemens MDF/HVT71® technology. Filters protect POTS from interference caused by ADSL signals and equally protect ADSL from transients generated by, for example, POTS dialling and ringing and from impedance fluctuations.

Saving Costs with AES-H

The ingenuity of the design of AES-H filter is that they can be plugged into MDF/HVT71® terminal blocks in a local exchange, one by one, as needed. Ordinary splitters require an operator to install large splitter racks and equipment awaiting possible future use. With AES-H no new terminal blocks or cabling need to be installed. All this results in considerable cost savings during installation. Even later on it allows unparalleled flexibility: if an individual subscriber gives up POTS or ADSL service, filters are simply removed from the terminals.

AES-H is easy to install to MDF/HVT71® test & measurement slots – no tools are needed. The LP filter of AES-H and HP filter of PES-H together constitute a full splitter as they connect to respective pairs via contacts inside the corresponding terminals. Individual filters can be plugged into terminals adjacent to each other.

AES-H is asymmetric, but there is a mechanically/electrically reversed version AES-HR specifically to be used with upside-down mounted terminal blocks.

Filter operation

AES-H contains a 2nd order passive low-pass filter. The corner frequency is 7kHz (±1kHz) and optimal matching 600ohms.

AES-H is usually used together with PES-H high pass filter

This Vesala product is made in Finland.

Weight 0.02 kg

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