OTDR Launch Fiber Ring 124-LR-AF-1000-AS/SC

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OTDR Launch Fiber Ring 124-LR-AF-1000-AS/SC

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124-LR launch fiber is typically used with OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) instead of short patch fiber. The launch fiber spool inside 124-LR is packed in a compact and protective box. The box has magnetic mounting and a hanging hook. Box also protects the patch ends during transportation and storing.

When working with an OTDR, it is important to be able detect faults also near the end of the tested fiber, ie. the quality of the fusion spliced pigtails and connectors. Launch fibers are needed because an OTDR usually can’t properly measure events that are very near the ends of the tested fiber. A typical way of using launch fibers is to connect one to both ends of the tested fiber, to operate as dead zone eliminator or as pulse suppression box. 124-LR can be used for all these purposes as shown in the below figure.

124-LR in use

124-LR is available in many lengths, connectors and polishing.
124-LR-AF-1000-AS/SC has 1000 m of G.652 fiber, SC/APC connector in one end and SC/UPC connector in the other end.


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