Words from our customers:

“Co-operation has lasted now a bit over a year and everything has gone very smoothly. We acquired an OTDR from VeEX and the level of support we have gotten for it has been excellent. The VeEX OTDR is very functional and easy to operate.”

Kimmo Ellilä, electrician

Are Oy Oulu

”Professional service and fast response to our problems. A genuine desire to find a solution. Versatile and affordable products endure comparison even with quality as first in mind.”
Kimmo Ruokonen, head of services

Voimatel Oy

“We have been extremely pleased with H. Vesala product portfolio; especially their splicers from Inno Instrument. Deliveries have always been fast and their local maintenance service is highly responsive, when ever we have had required their assistance.”
Antti Karjalainen, CEO
Datasilta Oy

“Radiodetection locators delivered by H. Vesala are being used daily with our staff. Start-up, operation and any support need for the units have been excellent.”

Marko Böös, technician

N3M Power Oy Ab

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