H. Vesala Ltd. was established in 1968 by Mr. Heikki Vesala (1923-1983) and it has been an independently-owned family company from the outset.

VESALA® product branch are our own design and production and they are made in Finland. These mainly include test and measurement equipment for Telecom engineers and electricians carrying out network and subscriber line installations and maintenance. Range of products consists of hand-held devices from test telephones to pair tracers for locating telephone cables and faults, and from DSL filters to custom designs.

VESALA TRADING product branch as well as other brands listed on the Brands category include affordable and hi-quality test equipment, accessories and tools imported by H. Vesala Ltd especially for fiber working.

RADIODETECTION is the traditional UK origin cable locator brand whose locators and accessories are now represented in Finland by Vesala.

Besides our domestic market in the Nordic countries and the Baltics, we are also actively promoting our products in several countries worldwide. Over 50% of our annual turnover originates from exports.

In our business we have to keep abreast of the latest technical developments in the field of telecommunication equipment. It is equally important for us to be aware of the changing needs of the end-user. The continual co-operation with telecom operators & installation companies has made it possible to design and import versatile and user-friendly equipment.

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