Argus 300

Argus 300 Universal Broadband Tester

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Argus 300 Universal Broadband Tester

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ARGUS 300 Universal Broadband Tester

Modern design and new housing concept
Its robust design combines the requirements for a compact hand-held meter in daily field use with the performance of a high-end tester. The ARGUS® tester with touch-screen display enables intuitive navigation of the familiar ARGUS® menu structure. Thanks to the use of numerous graphical elements, the redesigned GUI makes this sophisticated multifunction tester as easy to use as a smartphone. A new, innovative internal help function supports rapid, reliable Interpretation of test results.

All necessary broadband interfaces
The ARGUS® 300 reliably tests all broadband interfaces, from GPON and (106 + 212 MHz) to super Vectoring, bonding, ADSL, VDSL and SHDSL accesses, in the uncompromising quality you have come to expect. It is also equipped with a wide range of further interfaces and test functions, such as 2.5 GB Ethernet, WLAN, Copper, TDR, RFL, triple Play and many more. An extremely high-performance hardware is planned specifically for tests in the Gigabit Ethernet range (up to 10 GigE).

Additional features
The integrated WIFI interface enables the ARGUS® 300 to communicate with its enviroment directly  a PC link is no longer required.
Once integrated in your job management system, the ARGUS® 300 marks the advent of a new generation of broadband testing.

Compatible: VDSL2 (Profile 35b, super-vectoring ja bonding), 106 ja 212 MHz, SHDSL sekä VoIP/IPTV + 2,5 GigE

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