Optical Power Meter, mini FHP12-B

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Optical Power Meter, mini FHP12-B

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FHP12-B is a low-cost and very small-sized optical power meter. It can measure optical fiber attenuation on six wavelengths. FHP12-B can be used together with a laser source for accurate attenuation measurements or alone to measure infra-red optical power from other sources.

FHP12-B has a clear back-lit display. Results are shown either in linear or logarithmic scale. Device has low power consumption and it operates with two standard AAA (LR03) alkaline batteries.

FHP12-B measuring range is -50 … +26dBm (at 1550nm), so it is suitable also for cable-TV environments. There is available also version FHP12-A which has measuring range -70 … +10dBm.

  • FHP12-B optical power meter
  • 2 x AAA battery
  • 2.5 mm universal connector (for FC, SC and ST adapters)
  • Protective bag
  • User manual

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