Inno fusion splicer m9

Fusion splicer M9

Weight:  1.67 kg

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Fusion splicer M9

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Fusion splicer M9, a core-alignment splicer with ultra-portable design, is the most efficient fusion splicer in the market. This compact and sophisticated fusion splicer inherits many remarkable functionalities from sister products.

Fusion splicer M9’s 4.3 inch high-resolution color LCD touch screen with user-friendly intuitive GUI (Graphic User Interface) offers large and clear fiber images to users. By double-tapping the screen, users can enlarge / reduce the screen up to 400X and check the optical fiber with clear images.

With M9’s adjustable strap hanger users can customize their working station. M9 is genuinely world’s most efficient hand-held fusion splicer in the telecommunications industry.

If you would only need clad-alignment, please see M7

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