VeEX FX120 Multi-Gig Service Test Set/PON Analyzer

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VeEX FX120 Multi-Gig Service Test Set/PON Analyzer

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The VeEX FX120 Multi-Gig Service Test Set/PON Analyzer is an ideal PON analyzer for an installer whose job includes ensuring the functionality of a PON network customer connection. The device can also verify customer connection speeds up to 10G. You can monitor real-time power levels of the network transmitters and detect sudden power drops with the help of a histogram. The device identifies other connected devices on the network segment and assists in identifying potential issues.

It provides the user with real-time information about the network, including PON-ID with OLT-ID, ODN class, and Tx power, ONU/ONT-ID, as well as any potentially duplicated PON-IDs.

Multi-Gig Service Test Set/PON Analyzer

The Next Generation FX120 is an all-in-one advanced PON analyzer with a native RJ45 port and an SFP+ cage to support Layer 4+ testing. Ideal for service technicians tasked with service activation and resolving complaints, the FX120 monitors activation process by displaying downstream/upstream power levels as well as OLT/ONT IDs and status and TC-Sync. Certify QoE using optional Speed Test and V-PERF to check internet connectivity and speed up to 10 Gbps. Optional end of fiber detection feature allows technicians to check drop cables length before testing.

For technicians that don’t require multi-gigabit service testing, but still need to verify signal levels and connections, simply go with VeEX’s new FX120 Lite PON Analyzer. Keeping the simplicity of a power meter but including advanced PON analysis, the FX120 Lite gets the job done quickly and efficiently.


  • Compatible with GPON, XG(S)-PON, and EPON networks
  • Pass/Fail ITU-T thresholds enable fast, efficient, and consistent turn-up of services.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Patent pending NoApp™ QR code capability for faster result transfer
  • Easy report generation and data transfer using R-Server for workflow and results management
  • Test set connectivity via micro-B USB and optional built-in WiFi and Bluetooth® wireless interfaces; USB-A and LAN interfaces available via OTG cables
  • Remote access/control via web browser and VNC® client. Compatible with VeEX EZ Remote collaboration services
  • Field upgradeable or result transfer using USB stick
  • Fiber tool accessory options: OPX-BOXe OTDR, DI- 1000/1000MPO/3000 Fiber Scope and FX40/45/80 series OPM
  • Fast boot and ready to test in <60 seconds
  • Field replaceable Li-Ion battery pack with >12 hour autonomy
  • 5-inch LCD color touch screen
  • Rugged and compact form factor

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