Drill Point Locator PK2

Drill Point Locator PK2

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Drill Point Locator PK2

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Drill Point Locator Vesala’s PK2 set solves the repeated problem how to drill holes through walls, floors etc. safely and accurately. With PK2 time consuming measuring or using trial & error drilling to find the right drill location can be avoided. PK2 includes transmitter PKT2 and receiver PKR2.

Usually transmitter is mounted to the preferred drill location on one side of the wall using adhesive putty. Corresponding location on the other side is located with the receiver. The arrow LED indicators of PKR2 show which way to move the device to find the right location. At the same time audio indicator tone pitch raises and distance display reading gets smaller. Green rectangular LEDs appear when the right spot has been reached. Right spot can be pinpointed accurately up to 150cm distance.

Before drilling it is often good to know whether there are hidden obstacles in the way. PKT2 transmitter has an automatic metal detector feature, which warns if there is metal under it. AC detector displays if there is alternating voltage present, hinting about possible live mains wiring underneath.

This Vesala product is made in Finland.

Please check also magazine TM test about the PK2 https://rakennusmaailma.fi/pikakoe-porauskohdistin-pk2-tasmallinen-poraus/

  • Transmitter PKT2
  • Receiver PKR2
  • Adhesive putty to mount transmitter on a wall
  • Adhesive felt pads for the receiver, 4 pcs
  • Carrying case KLPK2
  • Batteries
  • Quick Guide
  • User manuals

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