VeEX CX380C DOCSIS 3.1 KTV-testeri

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VeEX CX380C DOCSIS 3.1 KTV-testeri

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The CX380C features fast 1.8 GHz Spectrum Analysis and Sweep, DOCSIS 3.1 OFDM, Full SLM, V-Test Speedtest, OPM and TDR/DMM.

Laitteen tärkeimmät ominaisuudet:

  • Fast 1.8 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
  • Full compatibility with CaLan 3010H+ Sweep System, for Forward Path to 1.8 GHz and Return Path to 204 MHz*
  • Comprehensive SLM measurements including fast VeCheck Full Band Scan, Tilt and Single Channel
  • In Service Sweep
  • Advanced Digital measurements (MER, BER, Equalizer, HUM, Center Frequency Error, Symbol Rate Error, Frequency Response, Group Delay)
  • DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem with true OFDM Analysis
  • V-Test Throughput tests for both RF and Layer 4+ interfaces
  • V-Perf Layer 4+ TCP Test*
  • Physical layer cable testing with TDR* and DMM*
  • Optical Power Meter*

* Additional option

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