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Argus 145 Plus

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Argus 145 Plus

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Argus 145 Plus

The compact all-rounder Universal xDSL+Ethernet+ISDN+Triple Play test set. The ARGUS®145 PLUS is a first-class combi tester that meets the highest technical demands. It is the only handheld tester andanalyzer to integrate all interfaces for

VDSL2 (all profiles),

ADSL (Annex A+B+J+L+M)

SHDSL (2-, 4-, 6- and 8-wire),


ISDN PRI/E1/BRI S/T/U and POTS in a single device.

SHDSL interface
If required, the numerous interfaces can be extended by further functions. For example, the SHDSL interface also operates in SHDSL.bis (Enhanced SHDSL – ESHDSL) mode, therefore various SHDSL modes are available: e. g. ATM, TDM* or EFM mode.

Copper test set (Cu tests)

Copper tests (Cu tests) for physical line qualification without synchronization with the receiver are always included. Using a spectrum analysis (DMT Analysis), the powerspectral density (PSD) and noise can also be measured.
With a high-impedance connection, the Line Scope enables realtime display both in the time and frequency domain (FFT). The optional Active Probe II required for this can also be connected to a DSL connection in use and can be switched between symmetrical and asymmetrical.
The optional TDR function (Time Domain Reflectometer) enables line lengths to be measured and sources of faults to be located.

Triple Play Quality and IPv6*
With its optional Triple Play test functions, the ARGUS®145 PLUS can be used to verify VoIP, IPTV and data services via xDSL and Ethernet. The ARGUS®145 PLUS not only simulates terminal equipment such as a phone, PC or set-top box (STB), it also determines all relevant quality of service parameters and
evaluates, as a digital lineman’s handset, the voice quality delivering a MOS or a PESQ* value. The IPTV quality of service is tested by means of STB emulation and VoD test, channel scanning, IPTV long-term analysis or using the Media Delivery Index (MDI). Optionally several of these IP tests can be carried
out via the new more powerful IPv6* protocol.


SHDSL interface

Argus 145 Plus can be equipped with SHDSL interface and it also operates on SHDSL.bis (Enhanced SHDSL – ESHDSL) .

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