MicroSonde VMS6-33

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MicroSonde VMS6-33

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MicroSonde VMS6-33 is flexible and only 6.4mm diameter transmitter sonde for tracing microduct and other tube blockages. VMS6-33 is intended to be used with the Vesala CL43 Compact Locator and other cable tracers and pipe locators using the 33kHz tracing frequency.

The VMS6-33 construction includes the transmitter unit and battery compartment, which are connected together. The semi-rigid construction helps the device pass duct curves, joints and obstacles easily. This way constructor can validate if ducts are usable for new cables or not. VMS6-33 is intended for ducts having inner diameter of 9 mm or more.

There is a blinking red light at the tip of the transmitter indicating transmitter operation. The disposable lithium battery unit gives energy for approx. 6 hours total usage.

MicroSonde VMS6-33 diameter is 6.4mm and length with mounted battery compartment 114mm.

Transmitter signal
32.768 kHz continuous sinusoidal signal.

This Vesala product is made in Finland.

  • VMS6-33 Transmitter sonde
  • Battery compartment with M5 female mounting thread
  • 3.0V lithium battery BR535, 2 pcs
  • Plastic storage box SB9
  • Quick guide

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