Wire Tracer XT25

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Wire Tracer XT25

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Wire tracer XT25 is an easy to use tool e.g. for telecom technicians for their daily installation and trouble shooting work. With XT25 one can trace and find wire pairs for example in cross connections and distributing terminals as well as trace cables on cable shelves etc. Transmitter XTT25 also includes an interference-free high impedance listening (tapping) of pairs and a data indicator and informative DC voltage and polarity indication.

Tracing wire pairs

When tracing wire pairs transmitter XTT25 is connected to the pair in sending mode. Receiver XTR25 is equipped with the KA6 (or LA5) probe and the transmitter signal is traced with it. Typical situations are:

  • Finding a certain pair e.g. at a cable joint. This is useful when reserved pairs in a cable have to be traced and taken into use.
  • Tracing a subscriber line in the house MDF. Just connect the transmitter to the pair in the apartment and trace the pair at the terminal blocks fast and easy.
  • Tracing pairs in exchanges where there are large cross-connection racks containing thousands of pairs. With XT25 pairs can be traced without pulling them by following the signal all the way on shelves up to the other end which is detected reliably as well.

High impedance listening and pair identification

The high impedance interference-free listening feature of the XTT25 transmitter enables the user to identify a pair before actually sending any signal to it. If there is a DC-voltage on the pair one of the external voltage leds will be lit together with polarity indication. Correspondingly, if there is data on the pair, a special data led will be lit.

Other usages

XT25 can be used to trace underground or on-shelve cables with the SA10 receiver probe. Sewers and empty pipes and their blockages can be found by inserting a duct sonde to the target object. For tracing electric wiring pipes inside houses, pipe transmitter antenna SPA10 is useful when used together with LA1 probe.

This Vesala product is made in Finland.

  • Transmitter XTT25, for high impedance listening and sending tracing signal
  • Transmitter sending cord PJ15p, 1.5m, RCA / 2x4mm banana plugs & crocodile clips, for connecting transmitter to pair etc.
  • Receiver XTR25, for tracing signals generated by the transmitter
  • Capacitive probe KA6, for pair identifying
  • Inductive probe LA5, for identifying & tracing shorted wire pairs and cables from others
  • Probe cord AK1, 1.0m, BNC / BCN, for attaching probes to the receiver
  • BNC-adapter for the AK1 cord
  • Carrying bag KPP5, nylon, 240x130x180mm
  • User manual
  • Batteries

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