Cable Tracer CT33

Cable Tracer CT33

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Cable Tracer CT33

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Cable Tracer CT33

Cable Tracer CT33 is a kit containing Signal Generator SG33, CL43 Compact Locator and a set of accessories.

Cable Trace CL43 together with Signal Generator SG33 it can be used for a variety of tasks such as:

· Tracing mains cables and wires indoors and outdoors
· Identifying circuit breakers and fuses in electrical cabinets
· Tracing telecom cables and identifying wire pairs
· Tracing floor heating cables

Signal Generator SG33 is a rugged 33 kHz cable locator signal generator which can be used indoors and outdoors in all weather conditions to locate and identify cables, wires, pipes, ducts, circuit breakers, switches, fuses and cable faults. Signal Generator SG33 outputs a signal at 32768 Hz which is detected with Vesala CL43 or another compatible cable locator. SG33 may be connected directly using test leads to a live or non-energized circuit or between a non-energized circuit and ground. To locate cables that cannot be connected directly, SG33 may be connected indirectly using a clamp-on transformer accessory (sold separately) or an inductive coupler accessory (sold separately).

Unlike most 33kHz transmitters, SG33’s output signal can be switched to 4Hz or 8Hz pulsed mode. Pulsed signal is often easier to distinguish from noise. Furthermore pulsed modes enable using the two transmitter method to pinpoint wire cuts in cables.

CL43 Compact Locator is an affordable and easy-to-use wire, cable and duct sonde locator. Outdoors CL43 can be used to trace and pinpoint underground cables and sondes in several metres depth. Indoors CL43 can be used to locate for example floor heating cables and wires inside walls and identify wire pairs.

  • Signal Generator SG33
  • Connecting cords TB10m and TB10p (safety bananas 1 m)
  • Adapters safety crocodile XKKm and XKKp (banana)
  • Connecting cord S3TB (Schuko/safety bananas)
  • CL43 Compact Locator
  • Rod antenna SA43 (33 kHz, for CL43)
  • Proximity antenna LA43 (33 kHz, for CL43)
  • Capacitive antenna KA43 (33 kHz, for CL43)
  • Soft bag KPP7
  • User manuals
  • Batteries

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