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Fiber Cleaver Inno Instrument V10 Pro

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Fiber Cleaver Inno Instrument V10 Pro

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Easy to use, simple up-and-down movement

Fiber Cleaver Inno Instrument V10 Pro is the most advanced fiber cleaver from Inno Instrument. Cleaver comes in a dedicated carrying pouch to keep the unit safe and the cut fiber scrap out of the splicer carrying case. With the unit, there are maintenance instructions (in English), brush for cleaning and an allen key.

Operation is basically 2 staged. First the lid is released from the storage lock. User inputs the fiber and presses down the lid. This will cut the fiber, rotate the blade into the next position and collect the cut off fiber scarp into the collector. After the press, unit automatically returns to the initial stage for the next fiber cleave.

The automatic mechanism of Fiber Cleaver Inno Instrument V10 Pro rotates the cutting blade on each use of the unit. One blade will normally produce approx. 60 000 cleaves once it should be replaced. Blade can be replaced by the user. Instructions are included in the container pouch. The battery powered, automated counter will follow the cleave count during the unit operation.

Fiber scrap safely into the scrap collector

Unit has an automated scrap collector that operates simulateously with the cleaving process. This mechanism will collect the potentially dangerous scrap pieces and secure them into the scrap contained, positioned in the side of the unit. Please note: user should empty this container after each usage, into a separate container with lockable lid. Fiber cut-off pieces can cause a long term hazard if not handled properly. Please make sure the user is aware of the correct, safe procedure prior to use.

Please ask our professionals for advice on how to handle the fiber properly before the first use.

Protective grease inside cables causing trouble

The protective grease that is being used commonly in direct buried cables, is the cause of most maintenance visits for fiber cleaving and splicing tools.This grease should be removed with a proper solvent; not only using IPA (isopropyl alcohol), which in turn is suitable for cleaning the fibers for splicing after cleaving.

This protective grease forms a small layer on top of the coating and will be transferred on the v-grooves of both cleaver and splicer. Eventually, this layer of coating will accumulate and will lower tha accuracy of the splicer alignment procedure. Removing this grease layer with a proper solvent, has a great impact on maintenance frequency of splicers an cleavers.

For grease removal, we recommend using:

Default model for PRO-model splicers, option for others

Fiber Cleaver Inno Instrument V10 Pro is included by default in these packages:

  • Inno Instrument View 5 Pro

Fiber Cleaver Inno Instrument V10 Pro can be chosen as an option for these models as well:

Additional information from Inno Instrument website: https://www.innoinstrument.com/eng/v10-pro/

Maintenance and warranty for this product is handled in our office in Nummela, Vihti Finland.

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