KA43 Wire Tracing Probe for CL43

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KA43 Wire Tracing Probe for CL43

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Turn the Vesala CL43 Compact Locator into a fully fledged Open Circuit Wire Tracer with the Vesala KA43 Wire Tracing Probe. In open circuit conditions it allows you to:

  • identify circuit breakers and fuses
  • trace wires and mains cables  boyh indoors and outdoors
  • trace telecom cables and identifying wire pairs

The KA43 does not require actual physical contact with the wire.

!This product is an additional Probe to the Vesala CL43 Compact Locator. It does not function without it!

!You need a signal generator / transmitter to feed the signal into the wire you wish to trace / identify. You can use the small and powerful Vesala CTT33 or any other device generating a 33 kHz or 10 kHz signal!

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