Compact Locator CL43-512Hz

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Compact Locator CL43-512Hz

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Compact Locator CL43-512Hz

Compact Locator CL43-512Hz is an affordable and easy-to-use wire and cable and duct sonde locator. Outdoors CL43 can be used to trace and pinpoint underground cables and sondes in several metres depth. Indoors CL43 can be used to locate for example floor heating cables and wires inside walls.

CL43 has a simple user interface with only two buttons, 13 LED lights and a waterproof speaker. Probes are easy to disconnect making it easy to carry the receiver and a probe even in a pocket.

CL43-512Hz kit does not include a transmitter but it is compatible with all Vesala 512Hz sondes PL18-05 and PL42-05. 512Hz is intended especially for tracing metal ducts, such as cast iron.

Other Vesala duct sondes operate at 33kHz (See Sondes category) and the compatible CL43 product setup is CL43-PA.

Additional probes for CL43 can be acquired also later. If you would need a setup to trace cables and wires indoors and outdoors, look at the CT33 cable tracer. We will build a setup according to your preference including probes and duct sondes, all packed in a handy case.

At Vesala this product has code CL43-PB V00112.

  • Compact Locator CL43
  • Receiver probe SA05 (512Hz)
  • Carrying case KLCL43
  • User manual
  • Batteries

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