Sonde PL18-05 (18 mm, 512 Hz, M12F & M10M & M6F)

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Sonde PL18-05 (18 mm, 512 Hz, M12F & M10M & M6F)

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PL18-05 is a low frequency (512Hz) pipe transmitter sonde, which enables tracing of underground cast iron ducts and their blockages. Also stainless steel ducts commonly used in industry can be followed and checked with PL18-05.

PL18-05 powers on when the battery compartment is turned to the transmitter section. Red power-on LED at the tip of the sonde indicates operation. If LED goes off, battery is weak. Sonde is attached to the push rod (snake) with the M12 threaded sleeve or with tape. After that the sonde is pushed into the target duct using the push rod.

To avoid loosing signal e.g. at corners the sonde is traced with a cable tracer receiver along as it moves ahead. If sonde hits an obstacle or blockage, it’s possible to define the location and depth very accurately, which reduces unnecessary digging.

PL18-05 diameter is 18.2mm and length with stardard battery compartment is 110mm. Transmitted signal is continuous 512Hz.

This Vesala product is made in Finland.

  • PL18-05 Transmitter sonde
  • Battery compartment with M12 female mounting thread
  • Battery compartment with M10 male and M6 female mounting threads
  • 3.6V lithium battery LS14250
  • Plastic storage box SB18
  • User manual

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