TraceMeter TM30

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TraceMeter TM30

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TraceMeter TM30 – The next generation tracer

TraceMeter TM30 is a cable & wire tracer equipped with monitoring and measuring properties. It can be used also at mains environment, so it is well suitable for both telecom and electric installation work as well as renovation and fault spotting work and much more. With TM30 it is also possible to trace short length wires or single wires, which are usually hard to find.

Transmitter TMT30

TMT30 has three very easy to use operating modes:

  • In the Trace mode device transmits a signal to be traced with the receiver. TMT30 withstands voltages up to 400V, so it can be well plugged into e.g. a mains wall socket. Device also displays the voltage at the outputs and the feeding signal current to the target.
  • In the Meter mode, TMT30 operates as a voltage and frequency meter.
  • With a special DSLAM test TMT30 can be used to check whether a CO side ADSL modem is present on a seemingly unused line.

Receiver TMR30

TMR30 is very versatile:

  • It has three Trace modes to be used to trace and track signals generated by the transmitter on open wires or cables. Cables can be traced from close ranges up to several metre distance.
  • The three Monitor modes can be used to monitor, or listen, signals over wires or terminals without galvanic contact to them.
  • With the Powerline monitor mode TMR30 can be used without the transmitter to reveal live wires and wall sockets and which side is phase.
  • High frequency signals, such as broadband wires and terminals, can be monitored with the High Freq mode.
  • With the Audio freq mode audio frequencies can be listened right at the surface of wires.

TMR30 has fixed internal antennas so it is very compact and easy to use. The LED bar display together with the audible signals reveal the traced target while tracing. Furthermore TMR30 has an optional LED work light pointing to the traced spot.

TM30 in tracing work

  • Working with mains targets: As TMT30 sustains up to 400V voltage, it can be used to trace live mains wires and cables, such as track down which circuit breaker (electronic fuse) is the one for a certain wall socket.
  • Cable tracing: With TM30 even short underground telecom & mains cables can be traced easily.
  • Cross connection wires and telecom wires: TM30 is very efficient when wire pairs need to be traced from wide bunches e.g. in a CO. Correspondingly wires from a telephone socket are easy to find at a house MDF terminals.
  • Cable identification: In renovation situations cut mains and telecom cables can be traced and identified very effectively with TM30. Also e.g. surveillance camera coaxial cables can be traced the same way.

Introduction video on how to use TM30 can be found below:

  • Transmitter TMT30
  • Connecting cords TB10m and TB10p (safety bananas 1 m)
  • Adapters safety crocodile XKKm and XKKp (banana)
  • Connecting cord S3TB (Schuko/safety bananas)
  • Receiver TMR30
  • Carrying case KLTM30
  • User manual
  • Batteries

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